ORGAWELL® Media report

Newspapers and magazines but also radio and TV arount the wrold report about the successful ORGAWELL®-Method.

«What one could only read in guidebooks and how-to-manuals so far, is now available from ORGAWELL® as a well-presented video film containing a 20 minute training programme. Anyone can easily carry it out at home. Its effects have been attested by well-known urologists: longer erections, more efficient orgasm control. As a final result a better sex – for both.»

  FHM - For him magazine
«ORGAWELL® knows what one should do to get better in bed. If you want to take your girl-friend on a trip to the heights of pleasure but you get worn out after a short while already, it can happen, that she will look for a new companion for the trip. ORGAWELL® demonstrates in a video, how you can keep the erection.»

  Men today
«ORGAWELL®’s new video film shows a simple way to a strong potency. For the first time in Europe specialists have developed a training programme which strengthens potency muscles and eliminates erection problems – it is more effective than Viagra by 6%.»

«The pelvic floor is a hammock of muscles which support the bowel and bladder. Pelvic floor, or Kegel, exercises involve clenching the muscles you would use to prevent yourself urinating. This latest research indicates it is also important for men to maintain the muscle tone and function of their pelvic floor muscles with the exercises. The researchers told BBC News: The exercises were found to be equally as effective as taking Viagra.»

  Journal for women
«Women take longer to warm up. In men, however, the excitation curve rapidly increases. Who strengthens its muscles in the pelvic floor, scientists have found the University of Cologne, enhances stamina. The adjuvant therapy obtained at ORGAWELL®."»

  Diagnosis: Cancer. A magazine for cancer patients.
«A lot of men after a prostate surgery mostly suffer from incontinence and erection disorders. The majority of the affected men resort to chemical drugs simply because they do not know any alternatives. ORGAWELL® demonstrates how you can strengthen your pelvic floor - a therapy with long-lasting effects and a low cost alternative to drugs at the same time.»


ORGAWELL® Method: worldwide as a DOWNLOAD or on DVD.


Your Advantages

  • No side effects
  • Without medication
  • Cheap and sustainable
  • Recognized and recommended
  • Easy to use, any time applies
  • No longer any need therapy
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