«This therapy plays an important role»

Interview with Dr. med. Karl-Heinz von Kellenbach

Dr. v. Kellenbach
Dr. v. Kellenbach

Dr. von Kellenbach, what is the effect of ORGAWELL ® for premature orgasm?
«Premature ejaculation can be treated better. Because the pelvic floor muscles surrounds the man’s penis and anus, and extending from the pubes to the coccyx. Men should enforce their pelvic floor muscles. Because they are often neglected and therefore flabby. Orgawell improves after a few weeks, the neural, muscular and static functions in the genital area. This may allow the man to delay the orgasm longer.»

Dr. Kellenbach, you recommend the ORGAWELL® method. Why?
«Erection disorders, incontinence and prostatitis are quite spread illnesses that afflict men in an extreme way. In their treatment the training of the pelvic floor muscles plays a very important role. In contrast to medication the pelvic muscles therapy can easily be done at home and in a completely natural way. Those who strengthen their mostly neglected pelvic floor muscles ameliorate the static function of the neurons and muscles in the genital area.»

Dr. med. Karl-Heinz von Kellenbach is head physician at the Clinic Asklepios Paulinen in Wiesbaden, Germany.


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