Premature ejaculation

New: Against premature ejaculation!

Most men ejaculate already after two or three minutes. This is shown for the first time in a scientific study. ORGAWELL® helps men to be able to control and to delay their ejaculation again – the result is better sex also for the partner.

- No chemical drugs
- Affordable and more feeling
- Enjoy sex longer

Every man knows this situation: he ejaculates too early just when the sexual play becomes really pleasant. Far too early, think both. This is why some men are afraid not to be able to sexually satisfy their partners.

There are no drugs against it. «Think-of-an-iceberg-when-it-comes» maxims don’t help, pseudo aids such as special condoms or anti-depressants have side effects or they simply kill the arousal.

Here comes a more effective recipe: recommended by doctors, the purposeful method by ORGAWELL®, which strengthens the neglected muscles of the pelvic floor! It is available as a film downloadable file. The method strengthens the neglected muscles of the pelvic floor with long-lasting effect! These potency muscles, as urologists also call them, surround the penis and strengthen it. With one third of its length the penis is anchored in these muscles.

Urologists confirm: those who strengthen potency muscles can delay and better control their orgasm. The ORGAWELL® method has been developed by specialists especially for this purpose. The result is better sex – also for the partner.

Also the Cologne University Clinic recommends the strengthening of the pelvic floor. In one study the Cologne physicians formed groups of men between 25 and 40 years of age. Their female partners were equipped with stopwatches in order to measure the time between the beginning of the intercourse and the man’s ejaculation.

The result: Many men who suffer from premature ejaculation, ejaculate on average after 2 minutes and 32 seconds. Urologists come to the conclusion that with strong pelvic floor muscles men can delay their ejaculation again.

No more premature ejaculation – with ORGAWELL® – the method recommended by physicians.

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  • No side effects
  • Without medication
  • Cheap and sustainable
  • Recognized and recommended
  • Easy to use, any time applies
  • No longer any need therapy
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