Erection disorders / impotence

Get back a durable erection!

Now there is a method against impotence that is based on the latest scientific findings: the strengthening of the pelvic floor. 80 % of the impotent men who use the method get back a durable erection. Drug therapies are many times more expensive.

- You must not swallow pills
- Good efficacy
- Affordable and sustainable

You don’t have to bear with the erection disorders. Urologists recommend a simple method: the strengthening of the pelvic floor. For the first time ORGAWELL® offers it as a film-download.

These potency muscles, as urologists also call the pelvic floor muscles, surround the penis and strengthen it. One third of the penis is anchored in these muscles. And while applying ORGAWELL®-Method you strengthen exactly these muscles.

This has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation in the spongy body of the penis which gets a better supply of oxygen. As a result the blood flows back less fast, the penis gets back its stableness and remains erected during the sexual intercourse.

Dr. Karl-Heinz von Kellenbach

«We do recommend the ORGAWELL® method because it is presented in a comprehensive way. The advantage of it is that the persons affected can carry out the training themselves at home and can spare themselves the strain of looking for a therapy.»

Dr. Karl-Heinz de Kellenbach,head physician at the Urology Clinic in Wiesbaden, Germany.
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Drug therapies are many times more expensive and they have side effects. Our simple method is successful, long-lasting and you can carry it out at home – you spare yourself the strain of looking for a therapy.

The effectiveness of our method are scientifically proven: studies carried out at the University of Bristol, England, and at the University Clinic Cologne, Germany, show that the effects of our method are better than those of Viagra. In a study with 124 impotent men, the scientists come to the conclusion that the therapy is an effective alternative to drugs such as Viagra.» see study

The defective stableness of the penis of Arabic stallions put medical researchers on the right track. One stallion could not cover mares any longer when the muscles around its penis had been anesthetized.

It is the same situation with men. Two thirds of the penis protrude out of the body, one third is inside it where it is surrounded by the muscles of the pelvic floor. Exactly these muscles that are often limp must be strengthened.

Fight your impotence successfully!

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ORGAWELL® Method: worldwide as a DOWNLOAD or on DVD.


Your Advantages

  • No side effects
  • Without medication
  • Cheap and sustainable
  • Recognized and recommended
  • Easy to use, any time applies
  • No longer any need therapy
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